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10 years experience

Taxi Service Schiphol is a unique platform providing access to a large team of professional taxi drivers with over 10 years experience who will get you from A to B quick, easy and 100% reliable.

Fast and reliable

Do you have trouble finding taxi services you can trust? We aim to break the power of bad reputation taxi companies. Our drivers are qualified, English speaking and very well mannered.

24/7 service

As taxi isn't a 9 to 5 business, our customer service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by telephone and email. We aim to respond to your email within 12 hours.


Do you have an important meeting scheduled? Or would you just like to get to your hotel and enjoy your well deserved holiday? Taxi Service Schiphol will get you from A to B. Quick, easy and 100% reliable.


In order to ensure ultimate customer safety and comfort, our cars are inspected on a regular basis. On top of that, we collaborate with qualified and fully trained taxi drivers. Safety first!


We work with the latest equipment and technology. That is why we are able to provide our customers with an accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA). No waiting around, always on time!


No hidden surprises! At Taxi Service Schiphol, we work with fixed fees only. You can safely pay in advance (iDeal), or after you have arrived (creditcard or cash). Quick, convenient and fully transparent.


Are you a cat or dog lover? If you can’t stand travelling without your furry companion for long: no problem! Because of our pet friendly services, you can bring your pet along with you.

Safe cars

We make sure you travel in style. BLT provides our customers with high end taxi services. Our luxury cars are clean, well maintained and provided with all the comfort you need after a long flight.


Happy Returning Customers
We work with experienced taxi drivers and already have a network of satisfied, returning customers: tourists, locals and business travellers. Do you need extra safety? Pick one of our taxi drivers with a background in security services.


Rides this year
Taxi Service Schiphol is an acclaimed taxi services platform that connects you with the most qualified taxi drivers. Our taxi drivers have over 10 years of experience. Do you need a pleasant, high quality and reliable ride? Look no further!

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to fill in?
Please leave as much information as possible. Your address including the house number, full name, your mobile phone number (including prefix) and your flight number. We should be able to reach you upon your arrival. 

How long in advance should I book my taxi?
You can book your taxi online up to 3 hours before your departure. Do you need a taxi last minute? Please call us at +3185 0654 599.

Will I receive a confirmation of my booking?
Yes. That is why it is important to leave the correct e-mail address and phone number. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail, and the driver will call you if he needs any additional information. When you pay online, you also receive the invoice and all the information you need regarding your taxi ride.
Meter price versus fixed fee
We do not use the taximeter prices. The price you see online is the fare price you pay. The price is calculated based on the shortest route. Sometimes, the driver needs to take a different route in case of traffic or an accident. In any case, you will pay the fixed fee that you agreed on beforehand. No hidden costs!

How can I pay?
You can safely pay in advance using different online payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, iDeal or Paypal. If you wish, you’re also able to pay in cash. However, we charge €10,00 administrative fee for this. Also, due to security reasons, we prefer online payment.

Do I pay extra per person?
No. You pay a fixed fee for the whole ride. Do you travel with more than four people? Then you need to order a van. There are extra costs included for the van. This ride is booked exclusively for you and your co-travelers; no strangers will travel with you during your ride.
How much luggage can I take with me?
You can take one piece of luggage per person. Are you afraid the luggage won’t fit in a regular sized car? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I have oversized luggage. What to do?
Do you want to take oversized luggage, such as a surfboard, snowboard or golf clubs? Please give us a call.
Travelling with children, pets or wheelchair
Do you have pets? Or are you taking a wheelchair with you? Contact us, so that we can make sure your ride will be smooth and comfortable. Please, be aware of the fact that child seats are not required by Dutch law when transporting children in taxis. We can use your child seat and keep it in our office till your return.
How and where can I find my driver at the Airport?
Shiphol Airport has several arrival halls, so we have several meeting points. Always fill in your flight number and your mobile phone number (including prefix), so the driver will be at the terminal where your flight arrives. In case you’re unable to answer your phone, our driver will send you a text message with his phone number.
★★★★★ 8.5 Alex - 20-02-2017 I have used Taxi Service Schiphol on several occasions. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone visiting Holland, and I will continue to use it every time I visit.
★★★★★ 8.5 Wayne Griffit - 17-04-2017 Booked the taxi on the website The driver was on time, courteous and the car was clean. Thank you for the pleasant experience.
★★★★★ 8.7 Lisa Harris - 27-10-2016 Excellent service. Very fancy car. Absolutely the best way to travel from Amsterdam to the Airport. Our driver drove carefully and was very attentive.

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